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Jan 08

New Plan

I’m just NEVER GOING TO SIT DOWN AGAIN. I’ve got to start the weaning process – it’s making me nuts. Sam is just nursing, nursing, nursing, 24/7. Every single time I sit down somewhere in the living room or at the dining room table, he runs over and tries to get me to nurse him. In fact, he just noticed that I’m sitting here and came and stood at my leg for a few minutes, hoping. My goal is to get him down to just before nap and bed, and also to put him back in his own bed. I think he’ll sleep thru the night if I’m not there to nurse him.

Other resolutions for the year…

1 – To get outside, at least for a bit, every single day. I manage this really well in the spring, summer and fall – but go inside once the leaves change and don’t emerge until the temp reaches above fifty. This isn’t exactly accurate, but close. So (starting tomorrow ;-), I’m going to go outside, at least for a bit every day. This will be a good exercise for Sam as well – he’s an outside boy, left to his own devices, so this will be encouraging him in his natural tendencies.

2 – Continuing on a resolution from last year (that I met, pretty consistently) – if one of the kids asks me to sit down and read to them, I do it. Immediately, or as soon as possible thereafter. There’s really nothing I’m doing that can’t afford to wait until I finish reading. If my goal is to raise kids that read as much as I do, then I have to encourage the habit now.

3 – Smile more often – even when I’m not in the mood. Especially when I’m not in the mood. When I’m upset, everything is off, the kids are fussy and clingy and unhappy, and it isn’t good for Marc and I either. I’m the stay at home mom – my mood affects everyone else.

4 – And continuing on that theme – not let myself get as affected by Jessica’s moods. When she’s upset, I’m going to make every effort to maintain some distance from it. She needs help learning control, and I don’t do her any favors by indulging in a huge screaming battle with her, just because it’s what she wants to do. By me staying calm and unaffected by it, then she’ll maybe take the cue and calm down herself.

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