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May 12

No sleep

I read somewhere (probably when I was seriously sleep deprived, so it may not be entirely accurate) that the human body could go without sleep for one night and it doesn’t make much of a difference.  I find enormous comfort in that.  And because I’m a huge believer in the placebo effect – in that, if I believe it to be true, I’ll make it so – it works for me.  Every now and again, circumstances will be such that I just won’t sleep that night.  It’s really entirely kid directed – I never randomly decide to not sleep unless there’s a child demanding that I be awake.

But it is nice to know, and it was nice to remind myself last night when I couldn’t sleep, that I could still survive today.

If I don’t find coffee, though, all of this may be moot.  Lack of caffeine might kill me.

We did okay last night.  He was so much better than I had anticipated – he was calm, conversational.  Kicked my butt at chess.  His vision is maybe a little bit better – but it’s hard to know what he can see.  He’d swear that he sees FINE, and thinks that it’s maybe a little bit less blurry.  He was in no pain, which is the main thing.  A little headache, which is to be expected after a spinal tap.

His main problem now, other than the fact that we’re here, and his dog, sisters and dad are in Worcester, is that he’s got a catheter in his hand.  He hates it, and flat out refuses to get the IV attached.  So far, they’ve been wonderful here with him.  His nurse tried to hook the IV up to it last night while he was sleeping, and he woke up and was upset.  She removed it right away.  Unfortunately, he was up for two hours or so after that… but God bless wifi and netflix, because he just watched cartoons quietly until he fell back asleep two hours later.

I couldn’t sleep.  I dozed.  Off and on, and finally gave up.  Watched more netflix, read for a while.


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