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Nov 16

Not a great day

Not a terrible day either.

– It rained all morning, with a toddler going in and out of the car.

– Sam did NOT want to do math, and it was a struggle.  We got it done, but it wasn’t fun.

– Aiden woke up just after math, so that was it for homeschooling today.

– Lizzie peed on my bed.

– I had to shop, and I still have more to do.  The only thing worse than shopping is knowing that I have to do it again tomorrow.

– Jessie needed noodle kugel for tomorrow, which involved me making noodle kugel.  I’d never done it, and it’s really kind of disgusting.  I don’t mind eating it so much, I mean, it’s okay.  But wow, making it is just vile.  You’re just dumping dairy product after dairy product into a blender, whipping it all up and humming it onto a bunch of egg noodles.

– Did I mention the dog peed on my bed?

– A giant spider crawled out of my blender top.  A giant, huge spider.  And Sam can’t see well enough to kill it, so I had to be all adult and assume control.  Am still shaken up as a result.

– My sink is FULL of dishes, and I still have to cook dinner.

– After I finish feeding the kids, I will have even more dishes to do.

– I still have to take Jessie shopping to buy little shampoo/conditioner/soap things to take to camp.

Ugh.  I’m just drained out and tired.  House is in shambles, I need a shower, and the ever growing list of stuff to do is overwhelming me right now.  I pounded two cups of coffee, like they were medicinal, and still feel like I need a nap.

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