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Jul 21

Not your average summer

This summer is… a little off.

Mostly, it’s because of Sam’s injury.  And the fact that we’re down to one car.  There’s a whole lot of sitting and hanging out, netflix and minecraft and cooking and cleaning and laundry, always the laundry.  Sam literally never wants to go do anything – not that he won’t, because he will, but he never WANTS to.   How much of that is just inertia, and how much of it is the reality that he can’t see much more than a couple of feet in front of it, I’m not sure.  Inertia – that I can overcome and push past, but forcing him, all the time, to do things that are scary and hard… that’s a lot tougher to talk myself into.  Add to that equation the reality that we’ve got one car, and money is always, always a consideration… sometimes, most of the time, it’s just easier to let it go.  Let each kid do whatever they want, and a lot of time, that’s just chilling out with a screen.

I’m researching homeschooling and unschooling and letting kids follow their own interests and valuing and accepting and not pushing them into doing what YOU want to do all the time.  That factors into the general sense of live and let live thing I’ve got going on.   I work so little, only six hours a week out of the house, and another four at home, but work takes up time too.

The summer keeps moving on, we’re more than halfway through it at this point.  And the next month stretches out in front of me, with nothing scheduled other than school shopping and finding Jessie more clothes (because she literally has next to no clothing – she outgrew EVERYTHING).  I’d like to fit a few trips to the beach in there, maybe the movies (although probably not – I don’t think Sam can see it… and as much as the girls might like it, I think the cost to Sam to have his sisters get to go and and enjoy it… it’s this constant balance between his needs and theirs, how much to accommodate the vision loss and how much to not make the girls suffer because he is).

Last summer will forever be known as the Great Hair Crisis of 2015 (because Jessie accidentally got a terrible hair cut and sobbed ALL.SUMMER.LONG about it).  This summer will probably go down as the summer where we did nothing.  But it’s been lovely, just… a little boring.

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