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May 02

Notes from a spring weekend

It was Julianna’s birthday this weekend.

Seven is undeniably a kid.  There’s no way, not really, to pretend that she’s a baby any more.

Friday night we went out to dinner.  Lilli and Julie had discussed it and decided on the chinese buffet.  It’s the restaurant that we’ve been to the most, over the years.  It’s a quick meal, nobody has to wait for food.  It’s relatively inexpensive (or at least it was when they were little and we paid by their age).  Friday night was especially good this time because it was one of the first times that Sam went and there was no drama.  Absolutely none.  There was a split second, when we first walked in, when he looked back at me and I knew that the smell was overwhelming, but I told him that he’d be okay, he just needed to get used to it – and he did.  He ate, just like a normal kid.  I still marvel at it.

Saturday, I worked in the morning, and Marc took Julianna to religious school.  I had bought a couple of kosher cakes and dropped them off on Friday, so she could celebrate with everyone there.  I got out of work, and picked her up from the BI, and then we picked up her friend Trinity, and we went to the Children’s Museum in Acton.  They bopped all over the place, and then we stopped at a playground so they could run around a little more.  We got coffee, and I brought them home for a slumber party.

Sunday, we had her actual birthday party.  Julie wanted an “at home” party, and I was lobbying hard for a party where I paid a couple of hundred dollars and everything was done for me.  Our place is so little – and it turns out the weather was so crappy – but in the end, the party was a success.  We had 12 kids here, and a pinata, and cupcakes and popcorn.  She got a mint green chair from my  mom, and an easy bake oven from Marc’s parents – and can’t decide what her favorite gift is.

It was a hectic and busy and chaotic and fun weekend.  We crammed in a D&D game for Sam and Marc, and Jessie went to her last Model UN conference and won Best Negotiator.

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