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Feb 12

Nothing major going on here today

Things are quiet and easy. Jessie has her Valentine’s Day party today, plus it’s her day for Show and Tell, so it was a very exciting sort of morning for her. I baked snickerdoodles with pink sugar crystals instead of cinnamon and sugar for the party, and she brought her in her Rebecca Rubin doll. Tomorrow night is her slumber party – and even though most of the guests aren’t coming (I somehow thought Feb vacation was the week after next – but it’s next week and everyone is going away), we’ll still have at least two girls sleeping over, plus another two or three girls coming for pizza and birthday cake.

Both my brothers are keeping their girls at home – Jess has five girl cousins that are all around her age, and only one will actually be here to celebrate her birthday – and I’m unbelievably bitter about this. Fortunately, Jess hasn’t noticed yet, and I’m not going to point out that they aren’t here. It makes me feel bad, I can’t help myself from being angry that they’d punish my daughter because they’re mad at me for sins I’m not even aware of committing – but I’m trying to move on, and just not think about it that much. On many levels, it’s their problem, not mine, and if I don’t know what we’re fighting about, then I can’t really fix it.

Sam and I have a busy day planned of cleaning and straightening up. He’s become a nudist as of late. Simply no longer wears clothes. He’s reliably potty trained during the day (actually, he’s been reliably potty trained since he announced he was going to start using the potty last Thursday night).

The itching is really bad – I have a hard time sitting still – and my favorite place to be is naked in my bed, with cotton sheets and a cotton comforter over me. Because if nothing is touching me, except for cool, soft cotton, I don’t itch. Unfortunately, there’s really no way for me to go for the next ten weeks or so naked and in bed, so I’m uncomfortable most of the time. I can’t wait for the baby to come, my hips have gotten really sore the past couple of days. I want the baby here for her sake, because I can’t wait to hold her, but also for my sake because I want to stop aching and itching.

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