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Feb 11

Nothing starts the day like a puking boy

(One of my favorite pics of Sammy – when he was feeling a whole lot better than today)

Marc had to work this morning at six.   I stumbled out of bed, only to find the boy child on the couch.    Never a good sign, and it got worse when he ran for the potty a few minutes afterwards.  He’s thrown up twice so far, and the poor little guy is just lying there, on the couch, watching Big Bang reruns and moaning.  I’ll keep Julianna home today, because Marc has the car until around 10:30.  Jessica will go into school late, and I’ll cancel all Sam’s after school stuff and reschedule Jessie’s to allow for an earlier night.

And on the upside, I’m up in time to see this beautiful sunrise.   And I don’t have to pack lunches so all in in all, with the exception of the vomit, win/win for Mama.

I’ve announced that Jessie is now in charge of packing her own lunch.  I know I’ve blithely announced this before, and I always end up taking over again.  But she’s so difficult to feed, on a good day, and because there’s no real way to succeed at it, I’m better off transferring the power over to her.   Last week, she adored greek yogurt with chocolate malt balls to mix in (I know, it sounds gross to me too).  But yesterday, the lunch box came home full, and when I asked her why, she told me that she hated that, it didn’t taste good, and why did I keep packing her food she doesn’t like?  It’s not that she’s super picky (although it kind of is), it’s that what she likes is very specific and ever changing.  So last week’s favorite lunch is this week’s least favorite, and there’s no logical way to know what she wants now.  Easier overall to just make it her problem – and she was perfectly happy when I told her that it was now her job.  We’ll get her what she wants (as long as it’s not just cupcakes), but she has to make the decisions, and take responsibility to tell us and pack it.

And I’ve got a whole day to snuggle my sick boy, the one curled up next to me, clutching a bucket and watching reruns.  We’ll read and (please God) nap, and I’ll dispense ginger ale and popsicles.  Hopefully it’ll pass quickly, and won’t infect the girls as well.

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