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Dec 29

On to January

I love January. I just do – I hate the weather, but it’s the month of birthdays in my world, and it’s been my favorite month since I was a little girl. Although, now that I think of it, neither of my children, neither of my stepdaughters, nor my husband have January birthdays. But when I was little – EVERYONE had a January birthday. My dad’s is the 5th, my brother Scott is the 12th, my baby cousin Lea is the 19th, my brother Eric is the 21, my cousin AP is the 22, (my niece Alyssa is the 22nd as well), my mother’s is the 24th and mine is the 25th. I loved being last, and having all month of celebrating everyone’s else to anticipate mine. And I really wanted Jessie to be born on the 26th – not only because at that point – I was so tired of being pregnant but because that would have been so cool, my mother, myself and then my daughter all one day after another. I always loved my birthday – and despite the fact that I’ll be 36 this year – it’s still just as exciting to me. I feel like it’s the one day of the year that you really take stock in everything, celebrate all that you have, all that you are, and get to have cake. How could it get any better?

That being said, Jess didn’t come along until February 7, but I still include her in with all the festitivies. I’m just a happy girl this month.

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