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May 20

Open Letter to My Children’s Teachers

I have two children in school, and there is a part of me that envies you. You have the time with my children that I don’t. You see them in ways that I can’t, you see them without me. In many ways, you see a side of them that I’ll never see, the person they are when I’m not there. 

With my oldest daughter, she’s nine. She’s big. She’s a tween, and dealing with division and multiplication tables, discovering how much fun it is to read, and losing herself in books for the first time. She’s trying to navigate the murky social waters of the third grade, and sometimes that’s terrifying for me. I rely so much on you, on your ability to protect and guide her, to teach her not only that 9×7=63, but also that it’s okay for her to not always fit in, and that she’s perfectly okay being exactly who she is. I tell her that all the time, but coming from you, it means something different. You’ve taught her how to be comfortable in her own skin. She’s blossomed this year, I’ve seen her grow so much. She’s happy about going to school, excited about what she’s learning. Thank you, for that and so much more.

My boy, my little baby boy. When he started kindergarten this year, you had to pry him off of my leg, and hold him back from chasing after me. At least three times this year, he managed to break free, and you had to literally chase him out the door to catch him. You taught me, as much as you taught him, that it was okay for him to go to school. That he needed that push, that he would be safe and secure. You gave him time to feel comfortable, and never pushed him for more than he could give. And because of that, he’s sitting on the rug, he’s playing, he’s happy at school. You have given me artwork for my walls, and boy who’s newly confident. He knows now that he’s safe without me, that there’s a whole world out there waiting for him. Thank you, for that and so much more.

Mrs. Ring and Mrs. Gravel and the entire staff at Flagg Street School – thank you. For all that you, for all that I know that you do, and for all that I don’t. Thank you for the times when you went way above and beyond for my children, for the way you made them feel special and smart and loved. My kids love school, and you have taught them so much. I’m grateful. 

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