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Apr 09

Operation Get The Baby Out commences

I walked my little heart out yesterday, and am planning on a busy day of stair climbing, birth ball bouncing, vigorous vacuuming, deep knee lunges and whatever else I can come up with. My mother is coming to pick me up and we’re going to walk, walk, walk all morning. Well, she’s going to be shopping, but I’ll be walking. And walking and walking. I walked a lot yesterday and didn’t really get much out of it, but hope springs eternal…

My goal is go into hard core labor tonight, and deliver sometime tomorrow. Annie’s got all weekend off, so she can watch the cherubs, plus I’d get out of having all four kids tomorrow night. She’d have her own birthday, because Lilli’s is today, and I have no kids scheduled for Monday. Tonight would be PERFECT. I know it seems kind of cold to attempt to schedule birth like this – but this weekend would really be IDEAL. Plus, I’m a good two centimeters, head down, engaged, lost the mucous plus, I’ve been having contractions for weeks, my bag is packed, I’m ready. So incredibly ready.

All went well this morning – Jess was sad and perplexed – WHY, OH WHY must she go to school on Fridays???? but handled the morning well despite that. She sobbed briefly because Friday is spelling test day, and she didn’t feel as though she had practiced enough, but when we looked at the words again, we decided that they were pretty easy and she’d be fine. Not that she’s ever scored lower than an eighty on a test, but she’s always disappointed when she doesn’t get the full 100% correct.

Sam woke up bereft and miserable because he wanted a life pack. I have no idea what the hell that is, so it took a while to talk him out of it. He’s laying in bed, crying because he needs a life pack really, really badly, and I’m trying to tell him not to worry, we’ll find one – and Marc piped up that it’s something that Marines get before going out on tour maybe, I don’t know. And it’s entirely possible that it was something he’d heard about watching the military channel with Marc, and decided he must have. Either way, he was mollified with some yogurt and the Disney channel, and all is well in his world again.

I’m going to clean, clean, clean until Mom gets here, and do my best to remain busy and occupied, dropping into deep knee lunges periodically. Send me good labor thoughts, okay?

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