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Mar 20

overwhelmed and exhausted

I feel… overwhelmed and exhausted.  Sam is still sick, hollering out every few minutes “I’m so… ill” and hasn’t eaten in two days.  Julie and Jessie are eating popsicles (I’m sure the sugar high will help with bedtime) and Marc just left to go back to work.  It feels like everyone in my life is dealing with huge, life altering problems and I’m sure I’m just picking up on everyone else’s stress.  Which is a crappy habit of mine, that never actually results in anything good.  Because not only are their problems more important than my reaction to them, when I get stressed and overwhelmed, I’m not as helpful when it comes to dealing with the problems.

In other news (this is an attempt to cheer myself up), Sam is getting better.  His fever isn’t as high, and even though he isn’t eating, he did get up and play for a while today and he’s doing a good job of staying hydrated.  And according to Marc, there’s scientific evidence (as opposed to my own anecdotal evidence) that loading kids up with sugar actually makes them tired because eventually they’ll crash.  And it is almost bedtime.  Mrs. Ring, Jessie’s teacher, told them all to be in bed by eight.  They could read or watch television, but she wanted them all in bed, lying down by eight and asleep by nine thirty.  And since Jess lives to please her teacher, she’s already planning on going to bed.

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