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Apr 01

Passover 2021

Passover takes on a different meaning when your son is diagnosed with celiac disease just before it starts. It’s not that it’s meaningless, because we had the Seder and it was lovely. But adding in Passover restrictions seems pointless when we’re grappling with a permanent dietary restriction that goes beyond matzoh – which isn’t gluten free.

And so our Passover observance this year was limited to just the Seder on the first night.

I’m trying to keep my head above water, and feeling overwhelmed and on the edge of drowning. Jessie’s getting college decisions, and she’s gotten accepted or waitlisted at half of the colleges she’s applied to – she’s also gotten rejections at some she didn’t expect. Getting waitlisted at Smith was hard, and then rejected soon after by Tufts and Vassar didn’t help. But she did get accepted to her dream college, with a fantastic financial aid package.

I think she’s struggling a little bit with the anticlimatic end of senior year. Plus all of the concerns around eating at college, paying for college (a fantastic financial aid package doesn’t mean full boat), getting ready for college, etc. So that’s hard.

Sam is still not doing great. Overall, better than he was, but he was starting at such a low point. It’s discouraging to both of us that he isn’t magically better. I want magic. We’re meeting with a dietician next Wednesday, and I think that’ll help him feel more empowered and more in control. Mainly, I just want him to feel better – no pain. It doesn’t seem like a big ask, but…

My Julie – TECCA is not going well with her. She hates it, and constantly ends up in this situation where she’s fallen a day or two behind, and then is panicking to catch up. I don’t mind her falling a bit behind, but the panic and anxiety are awful for her. And getting her to understand that the choice to delay doing the work is going to cause the work to build up, and cause more panic and anxiety… it’s a battle. Just a battle, and I hate watching her go through it. We had one melt down earlier, and she seems calmer, more relaxed. I just have convince her that I’m on her side, and not someone to fight.

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