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Mar 29

Passover Posters

I’m not sure I did this on purpose, in fact, I’m pretty sure I didn’t.  But, as it happens sometimes, I managed to create a tradition that my kids adore and look forward to every year.  It’s the Passover Posters.

Having converted to Judaism, I brought a lot of non-Jews to the Seder table, so to speak.  Marc loves a big traditional seder, but his extended family does not.  Since I wanted to keep celebrating with the extended family, and still honor his desire to celebrate the holiday the way he wanted – I devised the Irish Seder several years ago.  I think this is our fifth annual one, and I call it the Irish Seder because, well, I’m Irish.  So as to keep the expectations low – I had never made charoset (which is now my favorite Passover food) or a brisket, I qualified it.  It’s not a Jewish seder, it’s an Irish one.

Each year, it’s gotten a little bigger, as we’ve invited more and more friends, more and more of my side of the family.  It’s now one of the bigger parties we throw (and that’s saying a lot, given that we seem to throw a lot of parties).  Last year, I suggested that the kids make decorations to hang on the wall, explaining the ten plagues, the four questions, etc.  And this year – the kids are so excited about it.  Jessie is working on her third or fourth poster, and Sam is gleefully doing his first.  Last year, he couldn’t be bothered, but this year, he’s all into it.

Jessie’s posters are thoughtful and well designed.  Her posters are all Exodus themed, whereas Sam’s are more just generally Jewish.  For some reason, he’s all about Hanukkah, so his poster has latkes and menorahs, and oddly enough, he wanted to put on a Baby Jesus for his best friend Glennys.  He’s got some lice and blood and a couple of frogs thrown on there too.

They LOVE making these posters.  It’s completely absorbing to them, they’ve already devoted hours to them.  And Passover is still more than a week away.

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