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May 09


Is it reasonable to expect a husband with a stay at home wife to share in domestic responsibilities? Does being a stay at home mom always mean total assumption of the house cleaning? Am I a slacker, does looking for an equal partner in doing the dishes and folding laundry and vacuuming mean that I’m not doing my share? I’m home all day, after all. I work here. And while I babysit during the day, it’s not like I’m not already engaged in caring for my children, so it increases the work, but not so dramatically that I can really claim as though it’s not possible to clean as well as take care of the kids.

I don’t know if I’m being unfair or not. Possibly I am. Marc works hard all week long. He drives Jess to and from school and is at work from 9-6, Monday thru Friday. And at the gym for two or three hours, two or three times a week. That’s a whole lot of time when he’s just physically not here. And since I am… I do the vast majority of the cleaning. And the childcare. It’s essentially my thing… occasionally, he helps me out, but the way it feels, it’s my job and he’s helping me by doing anything.

I’m feeling rather… overworked and frustrated at the moment… but really don’t have time to blog any more about it, because while I’ve done two loads of laundry, cleaned Jessie’s room, vacuumed, put away all the toys, rearranged the bookshelf, made the beds, vacuumed the living room, swept and mopped the kitchen and dining room floor and started the dishes, I still have to finish the dishes in the sink, clean off the dining room table, put away the dishes I’ve already done, wash the rest of them, wash the dining room table, vacuum the floor, fold the laundry and take a shower. All while watching Sam and Glennys – and somewhere in there, I have to cram in a shower.

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