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Jul 20

Potty Adventures 3.0

Jessie was my first, and I diligently tried to potty train her before her younger brother was born.  The first day was great, and she got progressively worse until I gave up after a week.  I had two kids in diapers for a few months, and then one day, Jessie put on underwear and didn’t look back.  She never used the little potty, she just started climbing up on the regular toilet and went from there.

Samilicious Boy, in classic Samilicious style, potty trained on his own too.  I had Harrison and Jordyn full time back then, and both of them were ready.  Within a week or two, they were both reliably dry at my house, but Sam flat out refused to have anything to do with it.  Eventually, he started going on his own as well, and my memory of it is that he potty trained even faster than Jessie did.  Granted, he didn’t wear any clothes for a few weeks (we refer to that time as Naked February), but he was so easy to potty train once he was ready.

The thing is, both of them were three.  Three and a half, easily.  Julie isn’t even two and a quarter yet, so when she started using the potty, I was not at all prepared.  And the fact that she actually continued using it – I was really not even a little bit ready for it.  In fact, were it not for the fact that I’ve been dragging my feet on this issue, I’m sure she’d be farther along this road.   But last night, I came to the reluctant realization that my baby girl was well on her way to learning to be full time without diapers.  We’ve been using them just at night, and she’s been in her little undies all day, including naps.  I’m not saying accident free, especially in the late afternoon, early evening, but dry for vast majority of time.

Why drag my feet?  Why am I not delighted at this major milestone?   Because.  She’s my little one.  And she’s been VERY specific about diaper changes, ever since she was about eight months old.  I change her diapers, nobody else.  I’m a mom, I don’t LOVE diaper changes, but after three kids, they aren’t an issue either.  And it was something that’s quintessentially BABY.  You know what I mean?   But she’s ready, and it’s my job to encourage and support her.  I can’t keep her in diapers because I’m not ready.

So we’re potty training, and it’s going relatively well.  Well enough that I’m switching over to pull ups at night and keeping her in underwear during the day.

And my baby is growing up.   Possibly, probably my last baby.

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