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Feb 08

Potty training – I think it’s working

He started on Thursday night, and since then, has spent the majority of each day either naked or in his Batman underwear. It’s entirely self-directed, I let him wear a diaper when he wants one, and he’s asking to go in the potty. Immensely pleased by this – as I had long ago given up hope. I got him to wean before the baby came, to ask for more than that struck me as ungrateful. But between weaning and potty training, I feel like my baby boy is gone, and suddenly I’ve got this big boy.

Boys are just different – and I really don’t understand him at all. Adore him, yes, but understand him? Nope. Last night, I spent a half hour shoving him off of me – I was in the recliner and he made up a game of crawling up on top of me, and then having me shove him off of me, so that he’d roll off the recliner on to the floor. He wanted me to push him with both hands, and then give him a kick so that he’d topple – and then he’d roar with laughter, hop up screaming “do it again!” How could that be fun for him? I’m literally pushing and kicking him onto the floor, and the harder I’d push, the more he’d laugh.

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