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Apr 06

Quiet Mornings

There is something blissful about quiet, peaceful mornings, when it’s just me and a cup of coffee, and the whole house sleeping around me.

Marc is asleep in our bed, and both girls are in their room (!!!).   Sam, for reasons that amuse me, is sound asleep on the couch.  Last night, we moved all the beds around.  At the last minute, Julianna panicked at the thought of getting rid of her toddler bed, and started sobbing about needing her “bouncy bed.”  We compromised by moving it back into my room.  Which isn’t ideal, but I rationalize it away.  It gives her a space to go that’s hers when her big sister refuses to let her in (and let’s be honest, that’s going to happen).  It also gives me a space to put her to sleep, if Jessie is up really late doing homework some night (and that’s probably going to happen as well).  But Julie fell asleep in her own bed last night and slept like an angel all night.

While I was busy moving beds hither and yon, and dealing with a sobbing three year old and an angst-ridden eleven year old (who was completely stressing about a test she’s afraid she messed up on Friday), Sam was very busy in his room.  He set up a lego battlefield, and took a steak knife and sawed a cardboard box into some sort of shelter.  He’s very big for sawing, my boy is, and if there’s a cardboard box in the vicinity, more than likely, he’ll find it and transform it into something.  Sometimes it’s a spaceship or a fortress for little warring creatures in his game that he’s making up.  Sometimes it’s just for spare parts, he’ll saw out a sword or dagger shape and then cover it with all my tin foil.  He was so happy about his efforts that he needed to sleep on the couch.  As he explained it, he didn’t want anything to “mess up the game.”  How his sleeping body would affect the cardboard, legos and assorted figures on the carpet was beyond me, but he was pretty definite about it.   And because he’s Sam, he just likes sleeping pretty much wherever.  In fact, I had to talk him out of sleeping on the bare hardwood floor, because that was his first thought.  Just to crash on the floor between the dining room and the living room, head pillowed on his arm.  Not one for creature comforts, there is much I don’t understand about my boy…

Continuing our Passover Cleaning Project today.  It’s unfortunate, because right now, we’re just MOVING everything.  I”m making a massive trip to Savers later on, donating a giant bag of clothes and coats and toys that we’ve outgrown.  I’m moving baby dolls and stuffed animals into the girls’ room, and rearranging Sam’s room to make space for blocks and building materials (clearly, he needs more of these to build better fortresses).  This’ll free up valuable space in the play area, which I’m hoping to transform more into a writing office of sorts.

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