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Feb 23

Ready for Spring

I need warm weather. I need sunshine and bare feet and long walks and sunglasses.

Instead, I’ve got melty snow, mud all over the place and the walls are closing in on me. Jessie’s rapidly approaching burn out in school, Julie is STRUGGLING hard with online school and hates it (and me), and Sam’s allergies are taking over everything. Marc’s working a thousand hours a week, we’re down to one car because we have to replace the motor in his, and I’m so done with winter.

Ok. Life is tricky at time. And it’s important to note that none of these are REAL problems. The allergies, maybe. But even that, when you contrast it to excruciating pain and vision loss, isn’t that bad. There’s just a series of irritations that are building on each other, and it’s all compounded by the fact that we’re almost at a FULL YEAR of covid isolation.

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