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Apr 08

Sam sleeps on the floor

There it is.

That’s the truth – my eight year old sleeps on the dining room floor.  I don’t know why.  He’s got a bed.  He’s got bunk beds in his room, so he’s actually got two beds.  And he likes his bedroom.  He spends hours in there, playing with legos or watching minecraft videos.  But for the past three days, when it’s time for bed, he happily puts on his jammies, brushes his teeth, grabs a pillow and heads for the rug in the dining room.

Sam’s always been my easiest, and weirdest sleeper.  He sleeps when he’s tired, sleeps like the dead, and can be moved from place to place without waking up.  He goes to bed with no drama or intensity.  But he also sleeps in odd places.  Under the table is his favorite spot, and he’s most irritated with me that I won’t allow it (because I’m afraid that he’ll wake up in the middle of the night, sit up, and subsequently knock himself unconscious).  But he’s also slept happily on the couch, on the floor in my room, on the floor in his room, in his top bunk, in the bottom bunk, and most recently, on the rug in the dining room.

I try not to be too controlling, as a parent.  To say yes, when I can.  There’s so much I make them do – I insist on clothes (which at various times in both Sam and Julie’s lives has been considered a major hardship).  I make them brush their hair, take baths, brush their teeth.  Go to school (and that has been a source of SERIOUS friction at times).  They get vaccinated against their will, have to wear helmets and use seatbelts.  Do homework, clean up their toys, and not hit each other.  So when I can say yes – I like to go for it.

But it’s weird that he sleeps on the floor.

In other news – all is well here.  Easter/Passover weekend passed by with little fanfare.  Or rather, there was much fanfare and little drama.  We had a Seder at St.Michael’s church (this is the fourth year we’ve been leading their Seder), and then first night at Marc’s cousin’s house and the second night at Marc’s aunt’s house.  Easter, we went to my mom’s in the morning and then back here for a party that night.  Jessie and Marc are happily keeping kosher for Passover, Sam is keeping kosher for Passover, except for at school, and Julie and I are not.  Which is a source of some conflict – especially for Marc, I think.  I have less conflict around it – but I think Marc would be happier and more comfortable if we all did the same thing.

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