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Dec 30

School vacation

I really like having Jess at home. Which makes me think, more and more, that I would have loved homeschooling. I know all the reasons that I send her to school – because I do believe that our goal as parents is to teach them to be adults, to give them opportunities to learn and grow, and she gets exposure to different people and ways of doing things, a level of independence that she wouldn’t get at home with me. She loves first grade, is excelling there, but… but, but, but (as Sam would say) – I like having her home. She asked to do some work in her workbooks the other day, and I thought to myself that I could so easily be homeschooling her. The two kids still squabble, but it doesn’t seem as though they do it as much as they do during the week. I don’t have to haul her out of bed, struggle and fight to get her dressed and ready, pack her lunch (that she won’t eat) and send her out into the freezing cold. She’s spent the past four days in her pajamas, staying up until nine and then going right to sleep, sleeping until after 8:30 most days (which is just her preferred schedule – she isn’t ready for bed at eight and fights it and then has to be dragged out of bed kicking and screaming at seven to get ready for school).

In other news – I think the baby’s kicks are strong enough that you could feel it on the outside. It’s hard for me to tell, because I can obviously feel it on the inside and may be just fooling myself. But she’s moving all the time now, and I love it.

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