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Apr 08

Seders, seders and more seders

This is the Passover of many Seders.  We’ve had three so far, and I’m weary of plagues and prophets.  Today, we threw Easter into the mix and the kids are gorging themselves on chocolate.  Which, combined with a bedtime last night of eleven-ish, is going to make for an extra fun afternoon 🙁

In other news… Julianna has learned to say her name.  She self identifies as Julianna, which is interesting, as all three of my kids have nicknames and the other two always went by those names.  Jessie will tell you her name is Jessica, but that didn’t start until she started school, and Sam still self identifies as Sammy.  But Jules is clear that her name is Julianna.  Not Julie.  Or Crabbianna, which is, often, what I call her.

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