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Apr 04

She’ll be a year at the end of the month….

I actually said it out loud yesterday to the cashier at Staples.  Then I stopped and got a little choked up.  How is it possible that my tiny little love bug is almost a year old?  I’m going to be an emotional wreck on 4/29, I can already see it…

Had a delightful sort of weekend…. Friday night, we went to a khabbalat shabbat service at the synagogue.  I’m not great at synagogue functions – mainly because with small children, it’s hard for me to do much more than just take care of them.  Sam really doesn’t enjoy social events, so the first forty five minutes or so are spent with me trying to stop him from running out of the place screaming.  Jessie is very at home at the Beth Israel, and just sort relaxes into the scene.  Julianna is a nice combination of the two… I ended up leaving the two little ones with Marc and joining Jessie at the actual service.  Marc was talking to another dad with his kids, and everyone else had gone into the library for a service.  I peeked in and Jessica Mary had taken herself in there to sit and participate.  At eight years old.

She really inspires me to take a more active interest in spirituality.  Sometimes, it gets lost in the daily activities, I’m so busy doing all the stuff that goes along with having a husband and three small children, but she’s so spiritually oriented that I have to stop sometimes and just focus on that, so that I can really foster that side of her.  She loves the service, loves the whole idea of Judaism.  I’m looking forward to Passover a little extra this year, just because of her.  

Speaking of Passover – I’m hosting not one, not two, but three separate Seders this year.  Plus a combined birthday party for Lilli and Julianna, and a special birthday party just for Jules.  Busy April… and somewhere in there, I have to start really planning my wedding/vow renewal, figure out summer plans for Miss Jess, get Sam registered for kindergarten and plant the veggies that I’ve got growing in the dining room.  Mom got me some little plant things, and we bought a BUNCH of seeds (they were on sale for twenty cents, so we got a LOT).  Unfortunately, I didn’t really keep track of what I was planting, so now I’ve got a bunch of stuff coming up in these little flats of dirt – and I don’t know if they’re corn or watermelons or carrots or shasta daisies.  I think this add a little dash of the unexpected to the garden that I haven’t planted yet.

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