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Jun 12

Singing in the rain

Sometimes, I’m just not up for the weekend. I try, really I do, but I have extra kids here all week long and sometimes on Saturday, I just hit my limit. Today, I lasted about ten minutes after my stepdaughters arrived, I also had my friend’s daughter Glennys here. Julianna had fallen asleep on the chair with Jessica, and it was peaceful and lovely… then the other four kids came slamming in and immediately, a little circle formed around the baby. They all love her so much, and suddenly she was getting stroked and kissed and loved and the poor kid was sleeping. I tried to coax them to let her be, let her sleep, and then a bunch of them started wrestling and jumping around… and I gave up. I picked up Julie, stormed into my bedroom, and spent the next hour and a half dozing and nursing. Julie had the best afternoon – because she was right up against me, nursing whenever she felt like it, and in the end, the kids were actually pretty happy about it too, because after I took the baby and disappeared, they all went out and ran around in the rain. They were grubby but blissfully happy. There’s little more fun than playing outside in the rain on a hot day.

I’m pumping again – the cut is still not all the way healed and Julie is refusing to nurse on the shield anymore. I don’t blame her, but it does make it a bit more challenging. Especially because she won’t take a bottle from me, so I have to nurse her during the day. But now that Marc’s here, I’m taking advantage of the weekend and hoping that it’ll heal faster if I give it a break with pumping.

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