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Jun 29

Sleep issues

There aren’t that many actual parenting rules that I live by – I think I’m pretty flexible about most things, but one thing I know for certain – it’s never a good idea to get used to anything your child does, because as soon as you do, they’ll switch it all up.  Case in point, my tiny little Esmerelda baby.  She used to be the easiest child to put to bed.  She’d even gratefully agree that it was bedtime and snuggle up next to me while I nursed her and watched Grey’s Anatomy repeats.  It was lovely… but now – now, it’s a whole different story.  She fights it, climbs all over the place and fusses.  I have to keep laying her down until she eventually gives up and just drifts off.  She’s developed an attachment to receiving blankets (after three kids, I have a ridiculous number of them) and likes to have many, many of them draped around her.  She’s got one in particular that she loves, with little fat fairies all over it.

She just woke up from her nap, she slept for almost three hours and is so cute.  She’s munching on some hot dogs and water, I tried to give her tuna fish and she was horrified.  Sam is outside playing with Glennys in the pool and eating popsicles and Jessie is out to the movies and chinese food with Marc’s mother.

All in all, a pretty perfect kind of summer day 😉

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