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May 03

Slight improvements

The improvements are there – they are.  Given where we were a month ago, he’s measurably better.  But day to day, it’s a lot tougher to track.

His eyes are tracking substantially better.  I’m staring closely at him all the time, and I think those are all the way better.  His vision is improving, slowly, slowly, but I think it’s improving.  He seems to be moving easier, sometimes at least.

He’s still in a lot of pain, he’s still got a lot of headaches and arm pain, and his vision is still nowhere near where it was.   A problem that’s recently cropped up is that his sense of taste is all over the place.  Things he used to like suddenly taste terrible, and he’s not willing to try new things to replace them.  I don’t know if its that the sense of taste has changed or just disappeared.  According to my good friends at google, this happens in 25-30% of concussion patients, and sometimes it comes back and sometimes it doesn’t.

He’s still got all the anxiety issues from before, probably worse.  The problem is that now I don’t know how much of it is anxiety and how much of it is an actually physical problem.  Does he not want to go to a party because his head hurts when he moves too fast, and his vision is so compromised?  Do I push him to do it anyway?  If it was just anxiety, I would push.  Even if it was just physical, I think I’d push a little – but the combination of the two, the anxiety and physical ailments (all of which are invisible – it’s not like I can stick his little head into an xray and see if the break has healed the way I could if he broke his ankle) – it makes me really hesitant.  I force doctor’s appointments, I force play dates here at the house – but going to the bar mitzvah next week for a friend’s daughter?  I’ll let him skip that.

In other news – this morning went substantially better than yesterday.  Okay, it did start at 3:00 am, when Julie climbed into our bed, and Sam started calling us from the living room (he fell asleep on the couch).  His head hurt and he couldn’t get up on his own.  I took Julie, Marc got up and get medicine for the Boy and got him into our bed.  Sam was totally up for the day, and so, unfortunately, was I.  But once the girls got up, they were pleasant and sweet, and the morning went along easily enough.

So we’re making progress, and the bonus to me working from home for only a few hours a day is that the mid-morning nap won’t be a problem.

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