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Mar 10

Slightly sick baby, and Marc sings karoke

She isn’t sick, not really.  And again, she’s not a baby either, with her fifth birthday looming next month.  But my Julianna has been suffering through a cold, and we’ve had a whole lot of snuggles on the couch and curled up in bed together.

She’s much better today, asking for food and actually drinking.  She hadn’t really eaten much at all for the past three or four days, and (much more concerning) wasn’t drinking anything either.  Long gone are the days when I never worried about what she was drinking because I knew she was nursing.  I was aware of what she wasn’t eating.  Every meal she skipped, every drink that sat beside her, and got warm.  She was sneezing and coughing, no fever, and no vomiting – not sick enough to be miserably ill, just sick enough to stay home all snuggled up.

In other news – nearly perfect weekend.  It was Purim, and I’ll admit it here – I wasn’t looking forward to it.   Purim is my least favorite Jewish holiday.  We read the Book of Esther, and the story of how the Jews survived a plot to exterminate all of the Jews.  Everyone dresses up in costume, there’s usually a lot of drinking, a lot of carvnivals and yelling.   I’m not a huge extrovert, so big parties tend to make me want to hide with a book, and Purim was always a challenge for my kids, Jessie was scared of the costumes when she was little, Sam didn’t like people in general, and screaming people with noisemakers were even less to his liking.  But this year – the party was kind of awesome, and I have to say that I like Purim a lot more after this year’s celebration.

This year, Julianna was starting to get sick, and fell asleep on my lap.  The party lasted until close to midnight, and we stayed until the bitter end.  Jules was out cold on my lap, and Sam was running around like a mad man with his little band of buddies.  All three girls were there, dancing their little hearts out.  They’re all so very cool.  Lilli is gorgeous and effortlessly cool – Sarah is so social and all over the place, and Jessie is just on the brink of being a teenager.  They danced, together, with Marc, separately.  They sang karoke, and the high point of the night was Marc’s rendition of Bye Bye Miss American Pie, with the girls as back up.

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