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Jan 14

Snow Day

In a crabby mood this morning – for a whole bunch of reasons. Mainly, I’m hormonal, my house is still a disaster from the weekend and I’m facing a week with no car because it’s getting fixed. Mainly I’m just so aggravated about the house being such a mess. I fail to understand why it is that the kids feel compelled to trash it when I’m not here… what is that? Is it just the freedom to fling stuff around? Shouldn’t it start to kick in, that the rules are to pick up after yourself? I’m baffled and really, today, kind of pissed off about it. I feel like Cinderella – which is just never a good feeling.

The cleaning is pretty constant, as a stay at home mom. I mean, it literally doesn’t ever stop and if I pause for a while, take an hour or so off, then the mess gets worse. But for the most part, I keep up with it during the week, and I’m used to the mess generated by my cherubs. The weekend mess is something else entirely, and I resent the hell out of it.

Moving on… at least I’m home now for good, so I can keep control of everyone on the weekends. Snowing is fierce today, and Sam and I went out to shovel with Marc this morning. We couldn’t stay outside indefinitely, and the temper tantrum that child threw was one of his best ever. He rivals his sister when it comes to intensity and sincerity of the fury and rage… he screamed and threw himself on the floor, picked himself up, yelled at me again and collapsed over and over again, until he finally crawled up into my lap and nursed to sleep. At 10:00, which is so NOT his nap time, so the rest of the day will be all messed up.

On the upside, Miss Jess slept all night in her own bed for the first time in well over a week. We went wedding dress shopping with Becky yesterday – found a gorgeous dress for her. Now I just have to find a sitter for the cherubs, figure out what I’m doing for her shower and try really hard to make sure that she and Aimee don’t kill each other before May 17.

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