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Mar 13

So much snow…

Third Nor’easter in twelve days, and I’ve grown to love these mid-week snow days.  I now think it’s utterly normal to go to public school for a day or two, take a few days off, and finish up the week.  I usually try to homeschool on snow days, but with Marc home today, I let it be a reading day (or an audiobook day) and chilled out with the kids all day.

It’s been a quiet day.  Jessie is suffering from a variety of maladies, including transient appendicitis, a headache, and (at times) her arms hurt, her legs hurt, and sometimes she’s just crabby.  She did walk the dog once for me, though, so she’s currently my favorite child.  Julie has been in jammies all day, and has been coloring or playing with the dog.  Sam usually walks the dog a few times for me, but with a blizzard – I just didn’t feel comfortable sending him out there.  He can’t see that well, and there was so much snow everywhere.  So it’s been me and Lizzie Beth outside.   Nobody loves snow quite as much as that dog does, and she bounces everywhere, all over the place, and comes in covered in snow and delighted with herself.

We achieved a massive and major homeschooling milestone the other day – Sam actually attended a homeschool event.  He’s bailed every time I’ve tried it, insisting that he doesn’t feel good, or needs to sleep more, or just doesn’t want to go.  But he needs homeschooling peers, and so do I.  When one of the (millions) of homeschool groups I belong to started thinking about getting a get together, perhaps a gaming get together, in the library the next town over, I signed up.  Ever hopeful, because I sign up for stuff all the time, hoping that he’ll go.  I sold it this time as a favor to me, I needed new friends, and he went along with it.  I think it was so important for him to see other homeschooling kids – I worry he might feel like he’s the only kid in the world who homeschools – because for him, he is. I know there’s a big world out there, and lots of families homeschool, but he’s not seeing that.  It was so good for him to see other kids who aren’t in school during the day.  Hoping that this will continue, and possibly I can get him involved with other activities as well.

There’s so much snow outside, I can’t see out the window.   It’s been blowing all day, and the screen is totally snowed over.

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