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Jun 05

Sometimes happiness is 20 rolls of toilet paper

I let my son play with twenty thousand squares of toilet paper this morning. I just started a new book and really wanted to read, and it made him so happy. He pried all twenty individually wrapped rolls out of the package and systematically stacked them into a circle around him. Then he began to build. And unwrap them. It kept him enthralled for at least a half hour, and when you’re a stay at home mom, a half hour of peace is worth more than almost anything else.

Lousy day today – it’s cloudy and chilly and I’m trapped inside with three children. Nothing really planned for the day – possibly I’ll make brownies later. Lilli has a school play tonight, so I’ll drag the kids to that. As much as I love Lilli, the thought of watching a play entirely in Hebrew is not exciting to me, so I’m wishing that I could get out of it. But I can’t. I know that…

Went to Jessie’s kindergarten open house yesterday, and loved it. After all the stress and trauma associated with the NJA closing and scrambling to find a school for her – I really think we hit the jackpot with the May Street School. It’s a small school, great teachers, pretty playground – I’m very happy about it.

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