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Mar 25

Springtime :-)

I love the warmer weather. There are aspects of winter I like, I enjoy bundling up in a blanket, sipping cocoa and reading. I love Christmas and candles and birthdays, and all of that is winter related for me. I like big rocking blizzards, when the wind howls and we can just burrow in and stay home for days on end. I like no school days. But mostly – I don’t like being cold, I don’t like having to wear shoes constantly or drag coats around with us all the time. I’m always happier when I can just pull on some cut offs and sandals and spend the day outside. Or inside with the windows open 🙂

Today, it’s gorgeous out – in the sixties, bright and sunshiney and I’m delighted with myself. Sara came over with Jordyn, and I had Harrison and Sam today and we all walked to Elm Park. The kids all ran around and played and jumped and yelled and it was great. My laundry is drying out on on the line, and I’m busy planning out Easter and Passover celebrations 🙂 Harrison and Jordyn are both napping, and Sam is, of course, still up and rocking and rolling. I miss his afternoon nap… he just asked if I’d make him a cup of coffee, I told him we were out, and then he asked me to brew a fresh pot. I think it’s possible he spends too much time alone with me.

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