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Dec 09

Squishy baby love

Becky had her baby on Tuesday afternoon – so beautiful, Abigail Bridgett.  She was 10lbs, 3 oz, 23.5 inches long.  And so freaking gorgeous, with squishy cheeks, huge eyes and I’m already so in love with her.  I’ve had a sneaky suspicion that she and Julianna had plans before either of them were conceived, and thus, have been referring to her as Julie’s best friend for months now.  There’s something magical about watching Becky with her daughter, I’ve waited so long for her to hold her baby in her arms, and I’m incredibly grateful to be able to see it now.

Becky and I have been thru so much together, and even though we’re first cousins, I really think of her as my big sister.  She’s been the one constant in my life, she’s my family, my best friend, my girl.  She’s (to quote Meredith) my person.  She’s my reality check, the one I count on.  I’m so over the top thrilled about her baby, and love that she and Greg are so happy.

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