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Aug 22

Still sick, but getting better…

This isn’t a bad cold, exactly.  But it’s a long lasting one, I feel as though we’ve been collectively sick forever.  Today, I charged out into the world, taking all three kids down to the mall.  Jessie loves the mall above all else, and so for her, it was a dream come true.  We bought lunch, Chinese chicken and nuggets and french fries, then wandered around aimlessly for a while.  I gave them each a dollar and let them go wild in the Dollar store, and then drove to a playground and let them run around for about an hour.  They had baby swings there, and Julianna loves swinging.  She’s such a good girl – when she wasn’t swinging, she played happily on the top of the picnic table, going thru my purse.  I had my niece with me, Isabella, and she and my older two bopped around the playground for a long time.  After that, I packed them up and headed to my mother’s house.

Sam’s hair had gotten out of control long, he looked like Wolfman.  So my sister cut his hair, and it was traumatic for everyone.  He had a knock down dragged out screaming temper tantrum, and then ran in circles, filled with rage, around my mother’s back porch after it was done.  My poor mother and sister had never seen a full blown fit before and I think they were both a little horrified.  Sam’s a mild mannered kid, really, but when he wants to, he can throw down a fit that’s unimaginable.  And since I’ve got eight years of experience dealing with Jessie’s fits, I just stay calm and ignore it as best I can.  Nothing really helps to stop a fit, I’ve tried just about everything, so now I just let him scream it out.  And on the upside, his hair looks a lot better now :-).

Jessica is outside right now, playing with the neighbor, and Sam’s bopping around playing with his army guys.  Poor Julianna is sleeping – a full day doesn’t lead to good napping for her.  So she’s out cold, and I’m sad about that, as she’ll be up all night now 🙁

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