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Feb 26

Stolen moments

It’s one of those days, when I’ve got myself booked for every single minute of the day, and there are still things on my list that aren’t going to get done.  But even though life is busy, there are still so many moments I want to remember, to capture, to think about a little bit more than I have time to right now.

Sam went outside and salted my icy sidewalk this morning.  It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it really, really was.  It’s the first time I can remember him actually performing a task that was seriously helpful – and that sounds awful.  He’s shoveled in the past, but always as part of a team.  He was the junior member of The Cohen Men Shoveling Troupe.  Or the junior member of the Mama/Sam out there chugging away because Daddy was working.  So while he’s followed directions and moved snow from place to place, he wasn’t really doing much at all.  He’s washed the car for me a few times, but really – that was more about keeping him occupied and busy and happy than it was about getting the car clean (especially because it generally ended up all streaky and weird after he and his friends finished sloshing water and sponges everywhere).  But this morning, he got ready early, took his little salt bucket thing and got the job done.   Now if I could just get him to start taking out the trash…

Jessie is still clicking along.   She’s grown up so much in the past year, and it still isn’t something that I’m used to.  She reads, a lot.  She went to the bookstore the other day to get a new book and walked out with a law textbook.  Because that’s how she rolls.  She lugs around three or four books in her bag, because you just never know what she’ll be in the mood for at any point in the day.  She’s not grown up all the way, not yet.  But she’s getting there, faster and faster.  We’re experimenting with our relationship, if that makes sense.  She understands more, and is testing limits and challenging assumptions.  I’m learning what to let slide, and what I can’t.  She’s learning how to control her emotions (and that’s no easy feat for my drama prone girl), but she’s becoming more and more aware of how her reactions impact the rest of the family.   She’s watching John Oliver at night, paying attention to the news in the morning and loves talking about politics.

Julianna is still my baby.  She just is.  She’s ready for kindergarten, I know she’s not going to allow me to get away with calling her the baby for much longer, but she’s still mine.  She still falls asleep snuggled up in my arms, and makes me stop what I’m doing every.single.time a song comes on that she wants to dance to – because the dance isn’t enough unless it’s done for an audience.  Her hair is down past her little butt when she’s in the tub, and her favorite way to wear it is long.  I can usually coax her into a braid before bed, which helps with the knots.  She’s got a headband collection – and literally always has one on.  For a while there, she was rocking a sleep mask at night which she wore pushed back on her forehead – a nighttime headband.  She’s newly obsessed

Marc is still loving his new job – although I think what he loves most is the normalacy of it.  Coming home every night before the kids are asleep, being there all weekend long.  Shabbat dinner every Friday, and synagogue every Saturday.  Life is suddenly predictable – I can make plans, knowing that our weekends are going to have both of us available.

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