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Oct 18

Success, at last

My mother has a lovely habit of taking grandchildren out for special one on one time.  And Sam has steadfastly refused, from infancy, to go.  Ever.  And since quality fun, one on one time with Grammy is rarely achieved by dragging a kicking and screaming kid into the car, she’s never been able to do that with him.  She’s got twelve grandchildren, and the one kid who never got any alone time with her was Sam.

But now that he’s going to school – I suggested that she pick him early from school and take him out for lunch.  It officially marks his first ever going out alone with Grammy.  I’m ridiculously pleased by this – as is she.  Sam was pleased that he was going to get early dismissal and ice cream.

There’s something magical about watching my mother and my children interact.  I think because we are so close, my mother and I have always been each other’s best friend, I love watching her interact with my kids.  There’s an amazing physical resemblence between all of them.  I know that I look like her, and they look like me, so I’m the obvious link, but when I look at my daughters and my son with my mother, I just see that they have the same eyes and the same smile.

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