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Oct 11

Sukkah building and apple picking, oh my

We’re embarking on our third of four Jewish holidays that fall, boom, boom, boom after one another in early fall.  First we had the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana, and the Yom Kippur.   Now we’re starting on Sukkot and we’ll finish up with Simchat Torah.  Sukkot is a cool holiday – we build a little hut outside, to remind us of what it was like when the Israelites wandered in the desert.  Very nature based and kid oriented.   This was our first year building one, and I’m not entirely sure that it’s kosher, but it’s pretty.  Added bonus is that the birds and squirrels are DELIGHTED that we have built a little hut for them, and have spent most of the past two days out there exploring it.

We also did our annual apple picking trip this weekend.  I had been waiting and waiting to go, hoping that Miss Julianna would start really walking, but alas, she’s still mostly a crawling girl.  She’ll walk, accidentally, if she forgets that she can’t do it.  But mostly she just staggers along furniture and crawls if there’s nothing to hang onto.  The apple picking was, as per usual, a lot of fun.  Julie sat in the carriage and ate many, many apples, the girls chased butterflies and Sam was instructed on how to pick the apples nicely so as to not hurt his friend, the tree.

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