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Jul 22

Summer Half Way Point

We’re having a relatively quiet week here.  It’s been really hot, and we’ve been swimming almost every day down at the pool.  Public pools still seem foreign to me – but Worcester has a lovely one and it’s just down the hill.  It’s big and clean and the kids love it.   I love it.  Because it’s super easy to watch three kids of varying degrees of proficiency, I just plop myself down in the shallow end and they bop around me.  Jessie and Sam are both getting more confident, Sam is swimming underwater and working on his dead man’s float, and Jessie is working on the backstroke.

We’ve also recently discovered the pool at our local JCC.  We have a membership because Julianna goes to preschool there, but other than Marc using the boxing room, none of us have really taken advantage of the facilities.  But we’ve been up there two or three time in the past week or so, and it’s fabulous.   Julie is tall enough to go in the shallow end of the pool, and it’s not as crowded as the public pool down the street.  Everyone is tan and swimming – exactly what you’d want a summer to be like.

Sam and Jessie both have put some time in outside at our lemonade stand.  They’ve got a poster, a little table and an umbrella and I make them take a book out there and combine summer reading with earning ice cream truck money.  Of course, the ice cream truck has stopped coming up the street, but I keep telling them that it could come at any moment.  Sam, in particular, has been enormously successful out there (I’m pretty sure it’s because he hollers as passing cars, and makes his little sister dance around holding the sign), but made enough to take everyone out for ice cream the other day (because seriously, that ice cream truck isn’t coming up here anymore…)

We’ve done a couple of day trips, here and there, and mostly just spent a lot of time together.  I keep thinking that this time is so short – how many more summers will I have when all three are home?  A summer where Marc has so much flexibility in his schedule, and where Jessie isn’t working at a summer job (she’s already doing mother’s helper stuff once a week), I think that Sam will probably go to camp next year, and Julie will be gearing up for kindergarten next fall.   Summers will look really different in the future, and I’m trying to enjoy every minute of this one.

(They’ve grown so much since this picture two years ago – I’m already wistful, imagining how much bigger they’ll be two years from now….)

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