At five and a half, shouldn’t she be outgrowing this tendency? We just survived a major freak out fit, all starting because I couldn’t take my baby girl to see the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert that was in Worcester last year sometime. She barely managed to get herself under control when all hell broke loose with screaming and crying because … I don’t actually know. It had something to do with the concert that I had so helpfully recorded for her, but she was crying too hard to actually get it out. Jumping up and down, screaming, shaking with rage… I sent her to her room twice, once she stormed off to my room… it was horrible. Confusing, because I’ve only had the one cup of coffee, and still can’t figure out what set it off… she finally calmed down, and let me hold her, and she’s crying so hard and her little face is so distraught, and I’m thinking “why on earth do you do this to yourself?”

3 thoughts on “temper tantrums

  1. Rosie is throwing these little tantrums all the time due to little things like “Turning off Dora the Explorer” or the word “No”. The only thing i can say is you have to wipe that sweet face that i have had the pleasure to grow up with throw on that “I am sick of my brother and sister face.” You know what i’m talking about. You show your kids plenty of love especially between you and Mark. There definitely isn’t the lack of it at all but rules and discipline play a huge roll in love.

    I not saying act like my father did or anything like that extreme shit. But there is that point where a possible Time out or a Sharp tone of voice that is needed to snap a child out of a tantrum.

    Speaking of tantrums Rosie just threw a HUGE one just a sec ago. cause it’s bedtime and she did want to. Atleast your kids don’t hit. Rosie just got a spanking because she has this problem with hitting. Now there (in my mind) isn’t anything wrong with the occasional spank or sharp tone.

    Love Nic

  2. No, I completely agree, and believe me, Jessie’s had a couple of spankings. I never feel good about it, because it’s always a situation where I got so frustrated that I lashed out, which is exactly what I’m trying to teach her not to do. I’d much rather do the time out or use the stern voice. I think my kids have a pretty good sense of what they can and can’t get away with, temper tantrums are okay, but hitting isn’t. That’s a zero tolerance thing for me. I’ll let you cry and throw a fit, but if you hit, shove, or kick, you’re going to be immediately in hard core trouble.


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