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Jul 29

I’ve fallen in love with my little boy

Not that I didn’t love him before, because of course I did, but he’s TALKING now. We can have conversations and chat, and he’s so fascinating to me. He’s got this amazing sense of humor and he’s so sweet… I remember Jessie at this age, and it’s incredible to me that I lucked out to have not just one, but TWO kids who blow me away with their intelligence and sweetness.

With Jessie, her babyhood was so wonderful, she was such an angel baby for me. I loved it when she was so tiny and sweet and cuddly, and it just grew from there. But Sam was so colicy and fussy and so miserable, I remember thinking that he was bonded closer to the ceiling fan than me – at least he smiled more consistently at it. I think this is my favorite age with him. He’s so relaxed and chipper all the time. Stubborn and insistent and emotional like his sister, but with this level of emotional stability like his dad 🙂

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