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Jun 22

Thank goodness

Everyone is gone. It’s just me, Jessica and Samuel right now, and I’m calm and relaxed. There’s been a lot of chaos and confusion lately around here, I had Glennys over night Friday night, and then yesterday we went up to my cousin’s graduation party in Rindge. I ended up taking two of my nieces home with me (how is it that I always end up taking extra kids home with me from family functions?). We didn’t get home until 10:00 and the kids were all still awake. My mother just came to pick up my nieces and I popped my two into the tub and am feeling much more in control.

Kids are good, Jess is still having major issues when she’s overtired. She’s prone to huge screaming fits, and I have yet to discover a cure all technique for dealing with them. I’m doing the mediation thing, taking her hands and having her take three deep breaths to calm down, but that’s not 100% effective, and today, she screamed for 45 minutes because she accidentally cut her pancake up before remembering that she didn’t want to have it cut. I think that was what the problem was, but it was tough to decipher the screaming.

The party yesterday went really well, Marc and the other guys staged a baseball game for the little kids and they all had so much fun. Jess couldn’t actually hit the ball by herself so my brother would hold the bat with her and when they actually connected, she’d take off, running in a big circle around the field, not actually hitting any of the bases, but absolutely confident that she’d scored a home run. And the guys in the field would purposely miss, overthrowing and undercatching to ensure that she could make it the whole way. It was so sweet, and she was so proud of herself.

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