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Nov 04

The dreaded flu

So far, it really hasn’t been that bad. Not compared to some of the horror stories that I’ve heard. Jess came down with it on Sunday, and since we’re going on day 4 with a fever, I’ve got an appointment this afternoon to get her evaluated. Sam is just starting with the fever (actually, right now, Jessie’s is 100.5 and Sam’s is 100.7). The school has a fever free for 24 hours rule which means she won’t be back to school until Friday at the earliest. Monday was, by far, the worst day, and she’s been gradually getting better, but can’t kick the fever. So far, Sam seems to be fine (other than the low grade fever).

I, however, have been going out of my mind. Major fatigue and lack of energy combined with being trapped in the house alone for days on end has not made for a happy Mommy. It takes a lot out of you – taking care of sick kids when you would so much rather just be laying down somewhere yourself. I think I’m anemic – based on just the fact that it can’t be normal to have this little energy. I know I’m pregnant, but this is ridiculous. The nausea is slightly better, I haven’t thrown up in a while – but I just feel exhausted and like I’d be better off if everyone would go somewhere, just for a while, and let me sleep.

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