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Aug 11

The glory of a new washing machine

I know it’s just a little sad… but I’m ridiculously happy about my new washing machine. IT’S SO QUIET. I’ve gone out three times to check on it, just to make sure that it’s really, truly working. It is, and soon I’ll have soft fluffy towels and clean underwear again. Joy. Truly. Just joy…

In other news… Jess is off for her last week of camp. Then I’ve got two weeks of undiluted Jessica and then (sob) back to school… I love having her home, I really do. Even thru the fights and the drama and the hysterical sobbing that she can launch into at the drop of a hat, she’s still my girl, and I’m happiest when she’s home with me. Now it’s time for my pep talk in favor of not homeschooling… she’s happy in school, she wants to go, it’s a safe, beautiful elementary school, and her big sisters will be right down the hall. I’ve met her principal, I’ve met her teacher, I know she’ll be challenged, not just academically, but also personally – she’ll learn to make friends, forge her own identity separate from me – and isn’t that the goal? Really? To raise competent, secure, happy adults. And the second I start to feel as though school isn’t her best option – I’ll whip her out and launch into homeschooling 🙂 It’s like getting married for me – I was able to do it because I knew that if it didn’t work, I could get a divorce. Knowing that strangely makes me much more willing to work hard at the marriage because it’s a choice. Same thing (kind of) with school for Jess. If it doesn’t work, then I can choose to keep her home. But because this is my choice, then I’ll do my best to make it great for her. That means getting really involved with the parents group, staying on top of what she’s learning and who her friends are, etc. And thank goodness I’ve still got my baby boy home with me for at least another year 😉

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