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Sep 07

This baby is kicking my butt

Maybe I’m just too old for this. I feel wretched. A lot. Spent most of Saturday in the labor and delivery wing, hooked up to IV’s, rehydrating. Isn’t that a lovely word? Rehydrating. I love it. I’ve got a couple of kick ass bruises, but haven’t thrown up since Saturday morning. I had reached the point where I couldn’t keep anything down, and had a killer migraine on top of it. I’m managing to stay on top of the vomiting by seriously EATING ALL DAY LONG. Every hour or so, I have a little something. Sometimes I stretch it out, go an hour and a half, but for the most part, I start to feel the nausea and have to force myself to eat before I start heaving.

I’m huge, and tired, and sick and still oh my goodness, thrilled to death about this pregnancy. It’s so STRONG. I feel so profoundly aware of my role as a pregnant mom. I was thinking that it would be hum drum, just average. After all, I’ve done this already several times, I’ve got two active children I’m running around afterwards. I planned on sailing thru this pregnancy, no problem, popping the baby into a sling (or the Ultimate Baby Carrier – which Becky gave me over the weekend) and going about my life. But this pregnancy has totally taken me by surprise. It is, hands down, the one thing I think about the most simply because when I don’t – when I start to feel sick and ignore it, I end up getting so disasterously sick that I have to go to the hospital to recover.

In other news… had a delightful weekend, after the hospital stay (and even that was great – I got a nice long nap, got to listen to a mom across the hall deliver a baby), we went down to a cookout at Marc’s cousin’s house. She lives down by the ocean and it was beautiful down there. Then we went to the Grist Mill in Sudbury yesterday – saw the Martha Mary chapel and the little red school house where the Mary had a little lamb poem was inspired. Then we went to my cousin’s house for another cookout. Today, we did absolutely nothing – the whole morning, I sat on the chair or the couch (I switched it up for variety every couple of hours) and watched Disney movies with Jess all day. Sara and Arlen came over with my little Jordyn, and brought ice cream. After they left, the kids were a little stir crazy, so I brought them to the park, stopped at the grocery store, came home, threw them into the bath, and fed them. Marc’s reading stories, and I’m just waiting until he’s done to put Jessica Mary to bed 🙂

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