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Jul 14

this summer is exactly what I wanted it to be…

Julianna Ruth is napping peacefully on my bed, cooled by the ceiling fan and with the door mostly shut.  She’s still using receiving blankets as loveys – and in a stroke of brilliance, I decided to keep switching them up, making sure that she always has at least one (and usually two) but varying which ones are on the bed with her.  This way, if we lose one, I can just grab of the seventeen thousand other receiving blankets I have laying around.

Jessica Mary is outside, splashing in my $10 Walmart pool with her best friend Glennys.  They’ve got bathing suits and sunblock on, and towels laid out in the sun.  Sam and Harrison are bopping around the house, armed to the teeth with light sabers and plastic guns, playing secret agents.  Secret Agents is code for “let’s go bug the girls” but until they girls start yelling and complaining, I’m going to let it slide.

VERY pleased with the decision to do nothing major this summer, no camp or structured plans.   Just an old fashioned, play outside, do what you want as long as you stay occupied and happy kind of summer.  I hope the kids always remember this…

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