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Apr 15

Thoughts after a busy weekend

– Sam is kind of in a unique position as the only boy among all the girls.  I wonder how that’ll impact him throughout his life.  We spent yesterday at the zoo, with five Cohen girls and one Cohen boy.  He stands out because he’s the youngest (Julie is so much younger than the girls that she also stands out) but he also stands out because he’s the lone boy in the middle of all that estrogen.

– Speaking of estrogen, we had a 14 year old, two 11 year olds, and a 10 year old girl.  Adolescence run amok, there were tears, hurt feelings, frantic running and playing like they were afraid we’d tell them they were too old to go on the swings.  It’s a completely different experience, going to the zoo with that many older kids.

– I love that we have the Cohen Girls.  I love that it’s a group of girls who are sisters and best friends and mortal enemies all rolled into one.  I especially love that one of the Cohen Girls is actually a Chambers – Glennys is down for the week from North Conway, and it feels like my family is complete again.

– I don’t like having two cars.  Yes, it makes my life a thousand times easier, it makes Marc’s life a zillion times easier.  But I miss driving with him, I miss the long conversations we’d have together with all the kids in the backseat.  I was lonely driving home, especially when the two kids riding with me fell asleep ten minutes into the hour long drive.

– Julie is growing up as the much adored mascot of this family.  She’s so absolutely convinced of her place in the world and completely secure and content about it.  I envy her sometimes – wouldn’t that be a cool way to grow up?  A big older brother she adores (confession – I wanted an older brother in the WORST way when I was younger), and three (sometimes four) older, gorgeous sisters that are so much older she won’t feel the need to compete with them?  I think she’s got the best birth placement in the bunch….

– Jessie is so grown up and beautiful… I still can’t quite believe it.  I’m not stunned that Sam is almost seven.  I’m not even (that much) thrown off about Julie turning three – because I’ve already adapted to Jessica being that age.  You know what I mean?  But the mere fact that Jessie is ten still takes me by surprise.


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