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Aug 19

Three Musketeers

I’m in the middle of a blog post – sort of a manifesto, call to arms, mission statement sort of post on my other computer.  I’m also in the middle of rearranging Jessie’s bedroom and doing laundry and contemplating baking cookies – but that’s another story.  But I’m going to hold off on all of that for a minute and talk a bit about what’s going on on my front porch.

Right now, I’m going to post about these three kids.  I started babysitting in the most half-hearted of ways.  Sam was such a fussy baby that I didn’t think I could find anyone to watch him, and of course, my heart was absolutely lost at the thought of leaving my baby boy.  In an attempt to make up some of the money we’d lose by having me home full time instead of working part time after he was born – I posted an ad on craigslist.

Joy and Sara called me that week.  And a relationship started that I never anticipated.  Not only because these two women became two of my closest friends, but also because Sam got to grow up with built in best friends.  Sam, Harrison and Jordyn have done everything together.  I babysat them until they went off to school, and even now, when they’re all eight and running around doing a million different activities, sometimes I still manage to have days when they come over here, and immediately slip back into being best friends.

They have a million different games and traditions, and Julie is everyone’s baby sister.  They’ve spent the entire afternoon playing together, with figurines and army guys and legos and are, at this very moment, outside on my porch, with most of my blankets and little kid chairs lugged out there.

They’re best friends, and I’m so grateful.  Not just for my own sake, because Sara and Arlen and Skip and Joy are wonderful friends for us – but also because these two kids, Harrison and Jordyn, are some of the best parts of Sam’s childhood.

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