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Jul 26

Transitioning from co-sleeping to a big boy bed

Could it really be that easy? I’m a hard core attachment parent in a lot of ways with Sam. He’s still nursing at over three years old, he’s been sleeping in my bed since he was four days old… and I wondered if he’d ever move out voluntarily. He got Batman sheets for his birthday, and the other day, I put them on his bed, explained that this was where he’d be sleeping from now on – and that’s all it took. End of story. He sleeps in his bed now, no questions, that’s just where he goes. I expected tears, heartache… nope, he’s fine. He’s got his own bed and he’s good.

Last night, I met some friends for dinner, and left Marc home with the kids. I came home around nine thirty and he was trapped in the recliner with both kids draped over him, sound asleep. They were asleep, Marc was sweating and praying for me to come rescue him. I moved Jess into her bed, and was trying to figure out what to do with Sam, should I pick him up and then nurse him for a bit in the living room and then try to lay him down in his bed? Marc said to just go drop him into his bed, he’d be fine – lo and behold – HE WAS. I laid him down in his bed, changed his diaper, he never woke up, just rolled over, cuddled his quackie (little stuffed duck I’ve talked him into liking) and that was it.

When I left earlier last night, he waved me off with a smile… after almost three entire years of heart pounding hysteria on his part when I was more than a few feet away from him (I exaggerate for point of effect), he’s become what all the attachment parenting gurus promised me – a secure, confident kid who’s totally relaxed and independent, fine without me, happy sleeping alone in his own bed, etc. I really didn’t think it’d ever happen. But it did :-).

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