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Nov 02

Trick or Treat

Halloween was great this year – I really, really enjoyed it. Jessica was dressed up as Dorothy, with the dress and ruby slippers, and I put her hair in two little braids, she carried a basket with a stuffed dog in it. Sam was supposed to be Batman – but at the last minute, refused to dress up, so I told people he was dressed at Bruce Wayne. Jessie is at the PERFECT age for it – old enough to really understand what she’s doing, and confident enough to do it without being scared or uncomfortable. Sam… it’s just not his thing. He doesn’t like people, in general. Not really, and especially not strangers. So having all that attention, dressed up with people commenting on him, going to strange houses, it’s just completely the opposite of what he’d like to be doing. Plus – he doesn’t like candy :-). Loves opening candy, and licks it, and hands it back (if I’m lucky, mostly he just drops it wherever he is) and says “Don’t yike it.”

We started off at the Auburn Mall, and again, Jess had a blast and Sam was miserable. Then we went to Marc’s work to pick him up – and this was where Sam actually enjoyed himself. We’ve gone to bulbs.com enough so he’s comfortable there, and he carried around his little pumpkin and got a lot of candy (still not dressed in the costume though). Then we met Lisa and the girls, which was GREAT for them – Jessie really enjoyed going with her big sisters, and I think they really loved having their little brother and sister to show off. Sam, again, really didn’t have fun. The best part for him, was a bush that he enjoyed touching :-). Then we went up to Bonnie’s house, and Sam and I stayed there and let Marc take Jess and go out with the girls. Sam played with Morgan’s toys and really had fun. Then we went to visit Yvonne, and that went great. Sam had a banana and Yvonne was really happy to see us. Stopped at Nan and Howie’s (both my kids LOVE Uncle Howie, strangely enough), and finished up with a visit to Jeff and Karen’s house.

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