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Aug 05


It’s just my favorite day of the week. I mean, sure, I like Monday, because it’s back to the routine, and I love my routine. And Wednesday is nice, because it’s the middle of the week, the night that Marc is almost always home, and the day before the Office is on. Thursday, because that’s the day I get paid, and the aforementioned Office is on. Friday is lovely, because I make challah and a big dinner and I really enjoy Shabbat. Saturday, now that we do no computer/television is this really odd, magical sort of day that lasts forever, so I really like that as well. And Sunday is generally the day I catch up on all the crap I missed on Shabbat, so that’s kind of exciting as well. But Tuesday – that’s my day.

Jessie is off to camp this morning, my big grown up girl. She’s been a bit of an emotional wreck lately, but I’m hoping that the worst of it was yesterday and my normal sunshiney angel girl will be back. She was friendly this morning…

I’m adding a chore to her list. Cleaning off the table after dinner. I use plastic plates and cups so she can’t break them, and I want her to have responsibilities around the house. Once Sam gets a little bigger, they can alternate nights. And on the weekends, Lilli can do one night and Sarah can do the other.

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