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May 08

Two years olds are my favorite

Not really – I think my all time favorite is those first few weeks home with a new baby.  And there’s a LOT to be said for nine year olds and five year olds – Jessie and Sam are both growing up so much and each age is fascinating in it’s own right.  But the age that Julianna is at right now is kind of awesome.   She’s genuinely delighted by most things.  For example, today we went shopping.  And as per usual, we were chatting thru the store, talking about what we needed.  I had been looking for peanut butter and found it, and she hollered “YAY MAMA!” like I had just achieved this major goal.  It was awesome.  Her enthusiasm and general happiness is totally infectious.  It’s very hard to maintain a bad mood around this girl..

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