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Writings on Motherhood, Judaism, and Happily-Ever-Afters

Ultimate Blog Party

I’m so excited to be a part of the Ultimate Blog Party!  My name is Melissa, and I’m a happily married mom of three, and stepmom of two.  My stepdaughters are Lilli (14) and Sarah (12).  My daughter Jessica is ten, my son Sam is 6 and my baby girl is turning three (insert dramatic sob here because calling her “my baby” is starting to sound a little silly) at the end of the month.

I’ve been blogging for several years, and recently moved from a blogspot blog over to my own website.  I’m in the process of writing a book about my conversion to Judaism, and am alternately thrilled and anxiety ridden about it.

I write about parenting and marriage and religion.  Mostly, I write about my life, and the way I see it.  I’m a mom who reads too much, my living room is always a disaster, I’m a great baker, but a terrible cook.   When I’m not writing, I’m usually folding laundry or unloading the dishwasher (because really, it feels like that’s all I do sometimes).

5 Responses to “Ultimate Blog Party

  1. Visiting from UBP13 🙂

    I, too, often feel like all I do is fold laundry or load/unload the dishwasher. 😉 And I LOVE to read!

    I’m going to stop before I ramble too much and just go with, “Hi!”

  2. Here from the blog party, and happy to have found you! What posts of yours have been featured on BlogHer? I’d love to read them! I’m following you on FB now, and I hope you’ll stop by my post and see if you like it! http://www.parentwin.com/2013/04/ultimate-blog-party-2013.html

    • I’ve had two of them, one on why raising my son is so different from raising my daughters, and one on Christmas and Hanukkah :-). I’ll try and find them and add them to the post. I LOVE your blog – I started following you on bloglovin.

  3. I’m late! I’m late! I’m stopping by from the UBP13. I hope you stop by our party for a slice of warm banana bread and cold milk.

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